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Forest of Peace, Cultural Facility

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Forest of Peace, CULTURE CANOPY

The project is a complex cultural space with a peaceful landscape where cities and nature communicate. Design Achitect is NOW Architects, based in South Korea. The facility is a cultural performing center, which is four story tall and spans 26,000 square meters space.

The site, located between the commercial residence of the Godeok New City and the central park, must overcome the limitations of cultural facilities accessed by special purposes and become a new cultural center with open publicity to all citizens.

The cultural canopy is a part of a park that harmonizes with nature and is planned as a city attraction that utilizes the existing topography and connects the surroundings for diversity of citizens' access, and combines citizens' daily lives and culture through multi-layered squares and stages. It will be a symbol of peace to communicate with.

Withworks provides Design Assist service for complex facade and canopy.

Architect Project Link:

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